March 16, 2016

Doing My Best

It is a happy Wednesday here in sunny and warm Phoenix. The sky is clear and the temperature is set to be near 85. I am loving this mild Spring weather, and I hope that we don't see 90s return for some time yet. It is normal for us to be in the 80s during mid to late March, yet sometimes we pop over into the 90s, and well, then it seems our days head right into those higher late spring highs and even reach 100. I am not loving this idea at all. In fact, I shared with my parents last night how I would prefer to live in a four-season climate where I would still be enjoying the cool spring days, and even a late winter storm. They, of course, said they were very happy with our current weather situation. Oh well, I guess to each his own as the saying goes.

My morning was fraught with trial. Yes, I had no Internet connection since about 6:30 a.m. I am not sure why this is so, but the Cox folks said it was our setup here that was causing the problem. Yeah, we messed up things during the night while we were all asleep! I don't think so! Oh well, the Internet is back up after my dad spent the past 30 minutes on the phone with customer support. It does infuriate me when I lose my connection -- especially when I have things to do. My morning routine was interrupted, and now I am behind schedule for the morning "to-dos" on my list. Sigh!

I slept well last night, praise be to God! I feel good this morning, though I am a bit sluggish right now. My prayer today is to make it through my classes without any hitches, and to come home so I can start grading assignments. I am doing my best with regard to the situation at my school, and I have released my hurt feelings to the Lord. I am choosing instead to give the benefit of the doubt because I feel like something other than what happened is behind the scenes. I don't know what is going on, but I feel as though something is working to move me out of my position. Perhaps it is simply the Lord showing me that my time at this school has come to an end. I am okay with moving on, but I don't want to have any hard feelings against the faculty or the school. In truth, I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given so I am giving thanks to the Lord for this experience, the good parts and the not-so-good parts. He is good to  me always, and He knows what He is doing in and through my life. I must rest -- yes -- I am choosing to rest this good, good day! Selah!

Thinking About Tomorrow

I had a good conversation with my special friend last night. He is always so encouraging to me. He helps me see things from a different lens, and for that, I am thankful. Sometimes it is really easy to stay microscopic when you are comfortable with the circumstances of your life. Sometimes, we need friends who will show us what our life looks like through a macroscopic lens. In doing so, we see the bigger picture, the larger canvas of life that includes not only our little section, but all the sections that are related to us. I was reminded about this last evening when we were talking about my situation in particular. I thought to myself, "Lord, how small my worldview is and how narrow my thinking on this subject." The case in point was my view that rural life will be filled with people who are different than me, you know, less educated, etc. My friend reminded me that many people who live in rural areas are not necessarily less educated. They also aren't all poor. I guess I needed him to remind me that standards of living have changed since I was last in the country. I guess I needed to look outside my little box, and consider life from a wider perspective.

Part of my apprehension to living in the country was this reason. I thought I might have trouble feeling comfortable living without the comforts I am accustomed to having near me (malls, Starbucks, restaurants, etc.). My friend reminded me (as he has several times now) that living in the country doesn't mean living hours away from these types of services, but rather it means living 10 or 15 minutes from them. In truth, I drive 10 minutes to get to the store, what with city traffic and all. I drive 25-30 minutes to work (one-way) now so why is it so difficult for me to consider driving 30 minutes on country roads?

I think it is simply a matter of worldview, of perspective, and of putting on the right lenses to see the world around me. I am praying about my heart attitude, my willingness to go to places outside my comfort zone, and to living, to working, and to ministering in these areas. The Lord has placed rural areas on my heart of late, so I am thinking that this may be His will for me.

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