March 24, 2016

Making the Most of the Day

It is Maundy-Thursday, the day when our Lord celebrated the last supper with His disciples. This day is marked as a holy day in Catholic and orthodox traditions, and is considered in evangelical churches as part of the passion week that leads up to Easter. Thus for Christians of all denominations, this day serves as a reminder of what our Lord did in order to save mankind, to redeem them from the penalty of sin and death. Yes, this is a good day to stop and to think about the Lord's sacrifice, and then to give praise and adoration for His gracious give of eternal life. As I think about this day, I am reminded of all the Lord has done for me since I became a Christian. I am reminded of His faithfulness to me, how He has graciously cared for me all these years, and how well He has provided for me, meeting and sustaining each and every need. He has been so good to me, so very good to me! Praise be to God! He is good, always so very good!

Therefore, this good day belongs to Him, and to Him alone. I have many to-do items, things that I should have attended to earlier in the week, but for lack of a better word (LAZY), I let slide. Now it is Thursday, and my break is coming to an end. Soon the weekend will be here, and then Monday, and well, it will be business as usual for the remaining weeks of the semester (5-count em!)

The Lord knows what I need to accomplish this week, and while I have taken several days to decompress from the stress of the events from last week, I am confident that He will see me through today, and He will help me to complete all the tasks He desires for me to complete. He is good that way, in the way He helps me manage my schedule. I don't know what I would do without His help. Truthfully, everything I have today, all the achievement and accomplish is from His hand of blessing. I am nothing without Him. I can do nothing of value or greatness without His inspiration, His grace, and His blessing. He is good, so very good to me!

Getting Back into the Game

I have blogged about my struggles this week, how I was sidelined by some criticism that seemed to come out of left field to knock me down. I spent most of last week and part of this week reflecting on that criticism in order to understand if it was warranted in any way. In the end, what I realized was that the criticism was for a specific purpose -- that was -- to attempt to confuse and derail me from my path, the path that I believe leads to my calling. I realized yesterday that the criticism and its intended consequences achieved their result in that I was kept from focusing on my dissertation. This week had been set aside for this work, and my dissertation, which fulfills the requirement of my degree, is part and parcel to the Lord's will for my life. Thus, anything that would keep me from working on it, well, would enable the enemy to claim victory in this area of my life. I gave in to the pain, the sorrow, and the feelings of hurt that were generated as a result of the comments I received last week. In all, the more I stewed, reflected, and attempted to understand the rationale behind them -- the more I didn't do the work I needed to do. Yes, the enemy won that skirmish by simply keeping me focused on my pain rather than on the Lord's work and will in my life.

Now that I am on the backside of that event, I am reassessing the plan, and I am recommitting myself to the work that must be done today. I know He has me well-covered, and the lost ground will be made up today, tomorrow and Saturday. He will see me through this turn of events, and He will triumph in the end. I know He will. He is able to do everything that I am not. I can only hope to accomplish this task through His grace and His ability. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Selah!

His Way to Rest

I was reading some today, just browsing the Internet, when the Lord pressed on my heart to consider something, to think about my life and my need for rest in a different way. I've been trying to rest, really rest for a long time now. Today, though, I started to think about God's rest, and what that means for the believer. I also started to think about what it means to rest, and how so often, we don't rest because the worries of life consume us. As I pondered rest, and thought about the plans He has for me, I realized that I have allowed the struggles of life to fill my mind, to preoccupy my thoughts -- so much so -- that I lost my sense of order, peace, and calmness. I have been so stressed this past week. So much that my life has been reordered around the stress. Rather than speaking words of faith over the stress -- commanding the stress to abate -- I simply let the stress have its way.

After spending time in prayer, I came to the conclusion that the way to rest is simply to agree with God. He has a good plan for my (I agree). He has me well-covered (I agree). He knows my needs (I agree). He knows the best career path and job for me (I agree). He knows what my parents need for their long-term care (I agree). He has a good life plan for my son (I agree). In truth, all my needs are met with Him. Jesus is my sufficiency. He is everything I need to survive and to succeed in this life. All my worry,  doubt and fear, serves no purpose. I simply give in to it, and in doing so, I begin to doubt His abilities to cover me. But, this is just a lie of the enemy. The Lord is ALL SUFFICIENT, and as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, He has sat down (rested) next to the Father. Thus, His work is finished. He is Lord over our life too -- so this means -- we can rest in Him and His finished work.

I am still marveling at this truth, but one thing is for sure: He is good, and I know the plans He has for me and my life are good too.

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