August 22, 2016


Happy Monday! It is a rather dreary day here in Phoenix. The skies are fairly gray, and there is a "hint" of rain in the air. Yes, I think I hear some thunder off in the distance. Woohoo! It looks like our monsoon is not ready to give up just yet. I am hoping we have some good rain left before our season ends on September 15. Right now, we've had a pretty active monsoon season -- despite the fact -- that in my "neck of the woods," we've had nary an inch of rain all summer long. Still, any rain is welcome, and the little we have had, has provided a nice change of pace from our long, hot, and very dry June and July.

So it is Monday, and that means that week 2 of my fall semester has begun. In fact, I had my third session over at ACU this morning, and praise to God, I was finally able to login to Regent's Blackboard system and see my British Literature class this morning (yay!) I am all set for now, I think. My chair at Regent has said that there is still an outside chance I might end up with Academic Writing and Research, but for now, I am okay if this class remains closed. I am content with five solid classes, four on campus and one online, to keep me fully engaged and occupied for the next 16 weeks. God is good to me; He really is. He knows what I can and cannot handle, and He understands me so well. He knows that I want the extra income (for sure), but that I don't want to take on too much work where my dissertation could be knocked back to Spring. I am trusting Him, of course, and that means that I believe He will provide what He will provide. I don't need to fret or worry about it. He is good to me, so very good to me.

For now, I am resting. I am trusting Him to provide, and I am seeking His will in all matters. I know He has me well-covered, so I let this be, and I rest. He is good, you know. He is so very, very, very good! Selah!

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