September 25, 2016

Sunday Blessings

It is a beautiful day here in sunny and warm, Phoenix. Yes, I am actually saying that it is beautiful and it is SUNNY and WARM! The weather outside is lovely, just lovely. I woke up around 8 am this morning, and when I took the garbage out, I couldn't believe how pleasant it was outside. I mean as in  PLEASANT. Yes, it was absolutely spot-on perfect. It is 91 outside right now, and our high today is supposed to be 93. WOW! I am rejoicing over a 93! Well, when you factor in the humidity, which is nary a degree above 10%, the result is perfection. It is warm enough to wear shorts or capris, but not too warm to be uncomfortable. Perfect, perfect, perfect. In truth, this is our fall in Arizona. Yes, and despite the fact that we will not have a change of seasons with leaves turning fall colors and then the trees shedding their leaves to brace for winter, it is still a little bit different from our long hot and humid summer. I am feeling giddy over the fall-like temperatures, and I cannot wait for October and the 'even' cooler weather to arrive.

God is good, so very good to me. I am thanking Him today, giving Him a sacrifice of praise, simply to say that what He has provided to me (as in living here, working here, being able to make it here), well, it is good, so VERY, VERY GOOD. The Lord has provided for me, and while my heart longs to live elsewhere, this is the place of His choosing for now. This is His choice for me. I rest, I abide, and I wait for His direction, His release, and His permission to go to my next stop, my next destination. My prayer is that soon the Lord will show me how I am to get from point A (Phoenix) to point B (His choice) so that I can begin the actual preparation, the action move itself. Oh, what joys, what praise, what mercy! He has this all figured out, and even though I would like to know NOW, I realize that all things must work together, as in His timing is perfect and scripture says that, indeed -- ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD. I believe it, I am trusting Him to work out all these details in my life. Selah!

Plans for Today

I cannot believe I am actually saying this but today I have absolutely ZERO plans. I mean, NONE. Nada. Not one plan. Yes, I worked my proverbial backside off yesterday, and praise be to God, I finished everything (and I mean -- everything!) on my to-do list. My day yesterday was great. Not only did I take care of my online students (always time consuming), but I completed six required training sessions for Regent University. Two were human resource related and four were teaching related. I did them all, passed my quizzes, etc. I am relieved. I am so relieved. On top of all of that, I also graded tests and quizzes and I had time to go to the grocery store late in the day. In all, I was one very productive little bunny.

This means that today is a true "day of rest." I am resting today, relaxing, and enjoying my family time. I have some light reading to do, and some preparation work for next week, but in all, I am in such a good place right now. God has enabled me to be empowered with His grace in order to do all the work on my list. My plate is so very full these days. I am busy teaching five classes, and I am about to start my research. In about a month, I will pick up two new classes, and then I will be teaching six classes AND be immersed in my research. It seems so overwhelmingly impossible to me. But, I know the One who is leading me through this workload, and He is the One who has provided the jobs to me. This tells me that He thinks -- know HE KNOWS -- I can do all these things. He is helping me, guiding me, writing through me, engaging with students for me, etc. He is doing it all, and as such, I lay down my hands, my head, and my heart at His feet. I lift up a sacrifice of praise to Him. He is worthy. He can do it. And, I cannot. I know I cannot so I rest in His abilities now. I let Him lead, guide and provide for me. He is doing something wonderful, mighty, and miraculous right now, and I stand in awe of Him. It is like I am watching Him part the Red Sea, carve the tablets of stone, split the veil. Yes, I am standing on the side lines and I am watching Him do what He does best -- show up and be God. Oh my -- I am faint with excitement, anticipation, and with such joy. He is amazing, and I give Him all praise, all honor, and all glory this good, good day. Selah!

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