October 25, 2016

D-Day is Here!

It is a good Tuesday, and I am at home, waiting for my phone call. Yes, it is D-Day or Proposal Defense day, and in less than 15 minutes I will be in another one of those "hot seat" moments where I am asked to defend my research project proposal. Actually, I am pretty confident about the whole process, just a wee bit nervous since I don't really know what will happen, but overall feeling well and as if this is just another hurdle to jump over on my way to that big PHD!

I am awake, finally, and my headache seems to be abating now. It would figure that I would wake up with a sinus pressure headache -- today -- of all days. I was prepped and ready to defend yesterday, but one of my professors had a conflict, so my appointment was moved back to today (our original date). I am ready, just nervous like I said. My prayer is that the call goes well, takes off quickly, and really lets me sit in the backseat while my committee discusses what they like/don't like about my proposal (yeah, all 88 pages of it!) LOL!

I am not really a sales person, per se, though I do know how to sell something. I wish I felt more in charge, but that would only happen had this call be scheduled later in the day. Ha ha ha! You know that "mornings" and "Carol" just don't go well together. Praise be to God, I am letting this go, letting this be. I am trusting the Lord for the outcome, so today is more a matter of showing up, than showing off. At the least, that is how I see it.

It's Finished!

Woohoo! I passed my proposal defense this morning. I had a great conversation with my professors, and in the end, they voted to pass me on to my research phase. I am relieved, excited, and so overjoyed with the whole event. I mean, I am finally moving on. Now, I need to hunker down, start my project, and work steadily through to the end of the year, and then presto, I will be finished and graduated. I am ready to finish, for sure. But there is this part of me that sees this whole process as significant to my development as a scholar. I am so ready to take this next step, and Lord willing, it will end well. I believe it will, I am confident it will, and I know it will. He who is faithful will finish this work. I place my utter devotion and confidence in the Lord God Almighty! He is good, so very good to me! Selah!

I think I need to rest now...

Then perhaps I will go to lunch.

A celebration is in order, for sure!

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