December 11, 2016

Moving On

Blessed Sunday! It is the Lord's day, and praise be to God, I am finally caught up on all my "teaching" duties. I am worn out (well, my back is worn out) from sitting at the computer, and I am not feeling 100% well, so I am missing church today in order to rest and relax some before my final week of school. My folks are at home as well, and while I like my quiet Sunday mornings, I am relaxing in my room, chilling out a bit, and enjoying this very sweet and warm (no pun intended) morning.

I am so pleased with my progress yesterday. I didn’t get to work on my dissertation, but I did complete 13 of my 15 items on my task sheet for the week. These were items that were scheduled to be completed between 12/8 and 12/11, and praise be to God, I completed them all by late yesterday evening. The Lord was gracious to me, and He gave me favor and blessing. I graded my little fingers off, and in the end, I was able to check off every item before I turned into bed last evening. My poor brain didn't shut off, however, and I slept rather fitfully again. Still, I am thankful for the good progress, and I am grateful for the Lord's blessing as I move through these remaining days of my long, long semester.

Today's task is to work on my dissertation project, and to figure out how to import my data into MaxQDA. I have spent some time with this program, but so far, I am not happy with the process. I need to concentrate and spend several hours working on it in order to get comfortable. I still am not feeling like I "get" what I am doing, so hopefully after today, I will have a better handle on the details and will be able to really get my data imported. I need to begin writing my chapter 4 this month, and I cannot do that without working with my data. More so, if I plan to graduate in spring, and I do, I must get these two chapters, four (results) and five (discussion), completed by mid-January.

For now, though, I am enjoying some “down time” and I am listening to Christmas music and thinking about holiday fun.

So, it is December 11, and for all intents and purposes, I have approximately one month to complete my major research and submit a draft of my two final chapters to my chair. My prayer is for the Lord to supernaturally provide for me some way to do all of this beginning next week. I have two days left of teaching on campus and then I have to finish out my semester at Regent. The good news is that come Wednesday at 4 p.m.,  I am officially done with school. While I will still have grading to complete, I won’t have to plan lessons or go over to campus, and that means that I should be able to complete my work during the day time and make great progress over the 3-week winter break.

My hope and my prayer is to be able to tackle my entire project this week, get a lot of work done, and then begin to write my analysis as soon as I can beginning the 26. If I can get my analysis done over Christmas, it is very possible I can write my chapter 4 in one solid week. Chapter 5 would be written during the week between New Years and school starting for me on the 9 of January. I could, potentially, send my two chapters off on January 10, and Lord willing, with edits and revision, I could potentially setup my defense date for late February or early March. This would be perfect, but until I see what I have to do as far as this analysis goes, I really don’t know how much work will be involved in the writing of these final chapters.

I will be so glad when this whole project is completed. I mean, I am ready to have my life back, to begin to think about my next steps, and to start moving forward with the Lord’s plans and provision for my life. I am pretty much stuck in the trenches now, and for the time being, this is my life. Sigh!

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.
(Proverbs 19:21 ESV)

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