January 13, 2017

It's Raining Opportunities

It is a blessed Friday, and I am at home this morning preparing for my afternoon session out at GCU today. So many new things have happened to me, so many wonderful new opportunities, that frankly, I am overwhelmed and overly blessed this good, good day.

First of all, I received confirmation on my class at ASU. I was able to login and begin mentoring students yesterday, and for the most part, I really like the curriculum design. Second, I received word that my recommended changes for American Literature I, the class I am teaching at GCU, have been accepted. What is more, I was asked to be a Subject Matter Expert or SME for this course improvement. Third, my classes at Regent are in full swing, and well, they are bursting at the seems. I have more students this semester than in the fall. God is definitely blessing Regent with students! Last, my son told me that he has been given an opportunity to go to a special trade show for musicians in LA next week. The cost to get there was going to be around $200 because he wasn't able to ride with the group that was leaving on Thursday due to a school conflict. I was able to locate my miles through AA, and for the cost of a bus ticket (plus tax), he can fly to LA one way on Friday. This show is something he has wanted to go to for a long while, but the only way into it is by invitation. He was invited by a musician friend who has his own business (you must be in the trade to go). Needless to say, he is overly excited about going, and I am blessed to be able to help him experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With all that in mind, I am sitting here and thinking what "else" the Lord has in store for me. I mean, I am well-set with jobs, but I am a bit stretched thin right now. I am thankful for each assignment, and I will do my best to produce good work in my courses. I am trusting Him for His provision of grace so I can finish my dissertation, but frankly, I have had to let that go -- not as in give up -- and trust Him to complete it on time.

What more do I need? Well, some practical things of course...

  • A full-time job (one faculty position)
  • A second car for my son to get to school and work
  • A solution to my parent's long-term care situation
  • Completion of my PhD
  • Health, wellness, and wholeness (and a loss of 20 pounds)
Other than all of this, I am in a really good place right now. I have enough money this semester to live very comfortably. I will have to budget for summer, my dry season, but really I am in good shape. My prayer is that the Lord will provide that full-time contract so that I can start in the summer or perhaps early August. This would be a blessing. Still, I am enjoying my days, and I am making a conscious decision to find joy in every single day that the Lord gives to me. Selah!

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