February 28, 2017

Blessed Tuesday

It is a blessed day here in Phoenix. I woke up to the sound of rain pounding my window. At first, I wasn’t sure what was happening, but after I got up and looked out the blind, I realized a strong thunderstorm had passed right over our home. The good news is that the rain has cleared the air, and the sunshine has returned. It is lovely outside right now — with a mix of blue skies and big puffy white clouds.

This morning I am at home, as is usual for my day off. I am feeling relaxed, refreshed, and very contented. I finished my first class at ASU, and while I have grading to do between now and Friday, for the most part, that course is finished. It was a good experience, though I think the program and assignment directions are really complicated for students to follow, but I am sure with time, I will get a better handle on how to help them grasp what to do each week. I am waiting to see if I will be scheduled for another course in the next session. I was asked if I was interested, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

I do have my on-going courses at GCU, and we are just hitting the mid-point of the semester. There are 8 weeks left to go before summer, and praise be to God, so far everything has gone well. I love my campus classes, but in truth, I get really tired right about now. Still, my students are so wonderful, and I love to see their faces every week.

I already know that I have classes at Regent beginning March 13. I also just received an email asking if I wanted to teach over the summer. I said, “YES!” If courses are available for both sessions, this would be such a blessing to me. I could “in effect” teach four classes each semester during the year and two classes over the summer — all online. I would be in such a good place, such a good place.

I applied for the full-time instructor post at ASU, but even if that doesn’t come to pass, I should have plenty of work to do this fall with my campus classes at GCU and then my online options through both Regent and ASU. In all, I am in this very solid place, academically and financially. Of course, it would be nice to be hired as an Assistant Professor, after all, I did go to graduate school to get the title. But, even if this doesn’t come to pass this year, I am content to remain as an adjunct professor or a full-time non-tenure track Instructor, as the Lord wills it.

This morning, then, I give Him praise. I am well set for summer, and I have a good schedule for fall. I am rested, and this week and next will be very low-key for me. I do need to prep for my defense, and that means creating a presentation and a run-down sheet (sort of like what I did for my orals defense) so I can be ready to engage in discussion with my professors on campus. Overall, I am confident that I will successfully defend my research, and that I will graduate. Lord willing, I will graduate from Regent University in two weeks!
Moving Forward

I just returned from getting my hair cut and dropping off my dissertation for overnight mail to my professor who lives on the West coast.  I decided to chop my hair off again simply because when it gets long, it gets really unruly. I have cow-licks and a bit of curl, and with the gray wiry hair, everything just goes all wonky on me. I want to look professional for my defense, so with my new style (pixie), I should be able to easily look nice. I need to color my hair too, but that will be for later tonight.

In other good news, before coming back home, I received an email from ASU asking me to teach in the second semester (coming up in March). I am please. I feel really good that I will be able to continue teaching for them on a regular basis. Right now, I anticipate that I will have enough contracts between all these schools to make a solid income. I will need to continue to purchase my own benefits, but frankly, I am making enough money now that I probably could sustain this pace for a time, anyway.

Praising God, I am so praising God right now!

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