March 26, 2017

Blessed Sunday

It is a blessed Sunday in Phoenix. I am at home, resting after a rather unpleasant night. I was up most of the night with GERD (acid-reflux) and a migraine headache. Thankfully, the headache is gone today (praise God), and the stomach pain has subsided somewhat. I was miserable most of the night, but in between painful throbs, I was able to get a little bit of sleep. I feel better today, still not 100%, however, but on the mend. It is a good thing since spring break ends today and it is back to the grindstone beginning Monday.

I am feeling better, as I stated previously, but still not back to my normal self. I am thinking it is partly due to stress, but also it is my diet, and it is some issues I had with my digestion mid-week. Yes, I have had some IBS, and with it came the migraine and the GERD. I know that I need to change my diet, hence my post yesterday about beginning a low-carb diet to kickstart my weight loss program. Now, I am thinking I might want to switch to a elimination diet to see if I can control the GERD and finally get my other intestinal issues to settle down. Sigh!

On the upswing, I did apply for another full-time position. This time I applied with Western Governor’s University to be a course mentor for communications. I have applied so many times to this school, and I have never once heard back from them. But, now that I have my PhD, I feel I am at the least qualified to do this work. The job is work-from-home, but the position said Salt Lake City, UT. WGU is online, and all their positions are work from home (faculty ones, I mean). I am hoping they mean WFH, but in the mountain time zone (which I am). We will see if anything comes from this application. They pay well, and I have heard mixed reviews on environment. Hopefully, course mentor roles are better as far as less micromanaging, etc. Right now, though, I am stepping out in faith. There are few jobs available on the horizon, and I am wholly dependent on the Lord for His provision. If this is the job He has in mind for me, well then, it will come to pass. If not, then it will simply remain a closed door.

In all, I have a couple applications out there. One is for GCU, on campus, and another is for ASU online. I am cool with either position as these are extensions of what I already do for both schools (just full-time, I mean). The WGU position is kind of an unknown, but from what I have read about the job, it is more like a course coordinator than an actual instructor. I would be responsible for creating instructional materials, leading webinars, etc. The programs at WGU are online, and the students are independent (so not in a class). They work at their own pace. I think I might like the format, but if the Lord says, “Nope,” I will accept His determination. He knows what is best for me. The job pays somewhere in the range of $55-65K, and comes with full benefits and other perks. I really would like to make a bit more, somewhere near $70-80K, but for now, I will rest in this matter. The Lord knows what I need and which position will suit me best.

I am ready to be settled, for sure. I am ready to have all the uncertainty disclosed, and I am ready to begin to move toward the next steps He has for me. I know that I need a full-time job with benefits. This is my top-priority now. However, I have no way of finding a job that will fit me, and as I have said numerous times before, the jobs market for PhDs in AZ is limited to only a handful of schools. The jobs are competitive, so the Lord has to be the one to open the door for me. He has to give me His favor and blessing. The job will come to pass, I believe it. I must be patient and wait for it.

Now, I feel good about the plans the Lord has for me. I see hope at the end of my very long and somewhat dark tunnel. I see His open door of opportunity looming ahead of me, and I see that He has made a path that is clearly marked out. I must obey. I must walk on. I must go where He is leading me. I must rest in His provision, His sufficiency, and in His grace as He performs — moves, changes, and causes the opportunity to align with His marvelous will. Until that time, I wait. I wait for His word to go, and I wait for the provision as He creates it for me. He is good to me. I know Him well, and I trust Him completely. He is my everything — Jehovah Jireh — and I rest in the fullness of His character and His immutable abilities. He will do what He has said and purposed and planned. He will bring His will to completion, and I will be the recipient of His good grace and favor. He alone is worthy to be praised. He alone is worthy to be adored. I worship Him this good, good day. I praise His name and I give Him all authority to move me, to settle me, and to make a life for me here in the desert southwest.

He is good, so very good to me. Selah!

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