March 15, 2017

Happy to be Home!

It is Wednesday, and I am so happy to be at home. I enjoyed my whirlwind trip to Virginia, and I had a wonderful time defending my dissertation. Now, though, it is good to be at home. I missed my home, my family, my cats (and Lenny, the fish), and of course, my bed. I guess I am more of a home-body than a traveler. I really like to have my things around me, and I like my routine. For example, I have this set routine every single morning. I get up, clean the litter box on my way out to the kitchen, fix my coffee, and feed the cats. My boys know this is my routine so they follow me around. Afterwards, I head back to my office to sit down at the computer and read emails, blog, check on the events of the day. My boys sit near me (one is on the printer next to me, and the other, is laying in the doorway). This is our day. It is quiet, comfortably, and really low-key. I don’t like noise in the house, and if my parents weren’t here, there would be zero noise coming from the family room (my Mom watches TV). I find that my quiet morning routine sets the stage for my entire day. I really need to move slowly in the a.m., and typically, after 12 noon, is when I start to get moving strong. I usually do not tackle my real work until after 4, and then I work straight until 10 or 11 p.m. This is my preferred work schedule. I do my best, my concentrated work in the evenings, rather than in the mornings.
Ready, Set, Go!

It is 12:20, and I am dressed and ready to get this day going. It is weird, really, but I was up at 7, and then dressed by 11. I normally am trying to get myself pulled together by this time each day. I guess this is one of the prolonged benefits of Daylight Savings Time! The good news is that I am ready to go. I have my power points all updated, and pretty much, I just need to drive over to campus. I am letting my 3:20 students go early today. They will have peer review on Friday, and well, I just don’t have anything new to share with them today. My IAs did a super job with APA on Monday, so truthfully, I just need to wrap up this mid-semester essay so we can head on out to Spring Break! Woohoo!

It is such a good day today. I am still stuck on this post-defense high, I guess. I really have no feelings one way or another, but I am pleased, like super, uber, dooper pleased with my result. It is like the Lord simply tempered me, took the highs and the lows, and gave me this middle of the road feeling. Perhaps it is so that I can focus still and finish strong. I have some minor tweaks to deal with on my final draft, and then I have to send a copy to the proof-reader and to the outside reader (my chair at ACU). Once I get my copy back, I can submit it to ProQuest and then ride on through to graduation. I am ecstatic that my document needs no real work. I mean, it is like it is finished — finished — and I guess that thought brings me joy and anxiety all rolled together. I mean, “Am I really done?” I guess I am! Praise be to God, I guess I am.

In conclusion, as I pack up my things to head over to campus, I am in awe of the Lord. I mean, He said to me that I was finished, that I had passed, but I wasn’t sure I believed His word. I wanted to believe it, but there was part of me that simply didn’t think I could be done — like perfectly done. I assumed there would be a lot of changes, a lot of pressure to finish, etc. Here I sit today, resting. I mean, I am at rest. I have nothing really to do except wait to head over to campus. The Lord has taken all this work, this effort, and brought this phase or stage of my life to a close. I am so blessed, so blessed, to be finished. He is good to me, so very good to me!

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