April 4, 2017

Possible Work on the Horizon

Blessed Tuesday! Oh, how I love you! I am at home today, praising God for my day off, and thinking to myself that there are just three and one-half weeks left of school! Yes, I am ready to be free from my campus classes. It has been a long, long, long, and very hard, hard, hard semester, and thanks be to God, I survived it. I survived it! I am almost to the “summer vacation” part of the year, and I cannot wait. I am giddy, excited, and overjoyed at the thought that in less than a month, I will be able to RELAX! Of course, I will be teaching online, but I won’t have any driving/commuting to do nor will I have to prepare lessons for my students. Praise God! I will be free.

As I think about my teaching schedule, I have determined that I need to come up with a better system to keep all my students separated. Beginning May 7, I will be teaching at least two summer classes. I have my contract for Regent in place already, but I just heard from ASU that there is a possibility for some summer teaching. If this comes to pass, I would be so blessed! Right now, my summer course with Regent is already in process, so if there is a chance for one or more classes through ASU, that would mean that my bank book would be comfortably stuffed during my dry season (summer). Oh, Lord, please let this come to pass!

I am sitting here giving Him praise because He has helped me be situated in these schools. He has opened doors for me at places where I never thought I would be able to teach. I love my schools — all of them — and I love my students. I cannot wait until the day when I am a full-time faculty person at one school. I cannot wait until I am able to teach full-time, in my field, and be settled permanently. I know this day is coming soon, and praise to God, I will hear about it very, very soon, indeed. Until then, however, I need to focus on what the Lord has already provided to me, and that includes the following:
  • Grand Canyon - English 106 (3 sections)
  • Regent University - English 101/102 or 205 (2 sections each 8 weeks)
  • ASU - English 101/102 or 105 (1 section each 8 weeks)
Should the Lord provide a full-time position, I will be well covered. In fact, I would be overflowing with work opportunities. I worry a bit about whether or not I can do it all, but then I think to myself that I was able to manage 6 classes and complete my PhD — all with very high marks in the classroom and from faculty development. Yes, I can do this level of work. I can handle this load. My prayer today is for the Lord to manage my coming and my going (Psalm 121:8). He has this all in His very capable hands. I am resting in Him, trusting in His abilities to make His plan and will come to pass in and through my life. I am resting in Him — resting in His power and authority to do whatever pleases Him this good, good, good day. God be praised, He has me well-covered.

Planning for the Future

So today is a day of rest for me. I love my Tuesdays because most of my online work is grading related. My students are working on their assignments, and they won’t post anything online until Thursday. I oversee their progress, check in on them, and generally interact via email during the early part of the week. I love the fact that my day is low-key. I can do things around the house, go shopping, or just rest. THIS is the BLESSED part of being a college instructor. God is so good to have provided THIS LIFE to me. I cannot thank Him enough for giving me this life. I mean when I think about how hard I worked at CVS Caremark, and how my “work from home” days were so micromanaged. I hated even working from home because I had no freedom to do anything. I couldn’t leave my desk without my boss texting me. I couldn’t use my own bathroom! I fared better in the office because I could come and go as I pleased and no one said, “Boo” about it.

It is hard to believe that last year at this time, I really thought I wanted to go back into that rat race. I thought I wanted to be a Communications director for some big company. I even tried to do it, interviewing with a major health company. But in the end, I realized that my path was right through education. I remember the Lord saying to me way back in 2013 that my “path” was through Regent University. I would find my way through this school. I assumed He meant that my path would take me to Regent, to the communications program, and that once graduated I would find a job. I believe this is true, but now I see that He meant that my path, literally the path I was to walk on, would take me THROUGH this school. As such, I have graduated with my PhD, but I have formed life long friendships, developed collegiate relationships, and even found part-time work at this wonderful school. My life has been transformed as a result of my time at Regent. Now, I can see that I passed through this school, and my future is built upon the foundational teaching, mentoring, and advising I received while I attended there. I cannot say enough about my school. I cannot shout loud enough about the wonders and the blessings of being a graduate of Regent University.

More so, with my path firmly established, I begin to walk on into my future life. I see one thing, one thing only, and that is a life of teaching in higher education. I achieved my life goal of becoming a professor, and now I am ready to embrace the opportunities the Lord has for me. I am ready to wear my puffy hat and to help other students achieve their life goals. My hope rests in the Lord’s provision of a full-time job. I am not lacking by any means, but I know that I need the security of one job that will provide benefits to me. I need to know that I am settled in one job, one field, one career. I need to be established in my field so that I can begin to teach courses that facilitate my research interests. I need to become a subject matter expert in communication — specifically organizational communication — and with that in mind, I need to be prepared to teach these types of classes. God be praised, I know I can do it. God be praised, I know whatever He provides to me, my life is well-set and my future is secure.

One thing I know is that whatever the Lord has in mind for me, He will make sure it comes to pass. I am stressed a little over an error I made regarding my graduation date. I had put on some paperwork that my degree date was March, when in fact it should have been listed as May. Now the HR person is having issues, and well, it was just my error. I should have been patient. I should have waited. I needed the Lord to advise me, and as a result, I have caused some issues with my hiring. I can’t do anything about it, so now I must wait. God be praised, I will wait. I know that He will make this come to pass.

In thinking this through, I can either panic or I can trust the Lord. I am choosing to trust the Lord. I am choosing to make my way, and to make it through based on His grace and mercy, and not my own efforts. He knows what I can handle. He knows my needs.

Psalm 29:11 says, "The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace." Today, I am resting in Jehovah-Shalom. My Lord is my peace, and in this way, I can rest and know that His strength is perfect, His protection is sure, and His provision is secure. I am good today because my Jehovah-Shalom (Jesus) reigns!

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