April 2, 2017

Sunday Bliss

It is a great Sunday in Phoenix. I was up early, but thankfully, I was able to enjoy this blessed morning by resting and taking in the peaceful environment of my home. My son borrowed my car to drive to Glendale to play at Central Christian Church (his new job). My parents attended the early service at their church, but I stayed home to watch my church online. I am content to be at home for the last remaining weeks of my semester, and I am content to continue to do live streaming church — but after May 7 — I have decided to begin attending my church’s Saturday evening service. I am ready to get back into live church, and to be steady again (as I was for the past 40 years) with my attendance. My plan going forward, thus, is to get back into a routine of regular weekly on-campus services every Saturday night. I really think Saturday is going to “fit” me now. I mean, it has been so challenging to balance all my weekly grading and school work that often I find I need my Sunday’s as overflow grading days. With Saturday attendance, I should be able to still keep my Sunday free for extra grading as the need arises. What is more is the fact that my own schooling is over (as in doctoral work), I should be better able to manage my grading, in general, so that I no longer rely my Sunday’s for this kind of work. So anyhow, that’s my plan of action.
Looking Ahead to this Summer

I spent the morning reviewing my budget for summer and fall. I stand amazed at the work the Lord has done in and through my life. It was just last summer when I was feeling so panicked. I actually interviewed one final time with United Healthcare as a last ditch hope to try to transition into corporate business. I remember sitting in that managers office, and as he talked about the company, the job, etc., I thought to myself, “Who am I kidding? This is not the job for me!” In truth, as I sat there quietly listening, my heart pounded and my mind screamed at me — “You are a professor, for goodness sake!” In the end, I walked away from that position realizing that God had prepared me for this special work, to teach students, and after three years at that point in time, I had transformed from a business professional into a doctoral student, candidate, and teacher. Now, at the end of it all, I am a college professor with three letters after my name (PhD). I can do no other work save this work.

As I reviewed my budget for this year, I can see that it has expanded as much as my territory. I have enlarged my borders, so to speak, and I have taken on new work through various schools including my alma mater. I am teaching online as well as on campus, and in combined, I am well provided, well covered, and my future looks well set, indeed. I give the Lord praise for He has made it possible for me to find practical work that provides substantially for me. This work, even part-time, adjunct work, meets my needs with sufficiency. Moreover, the overflowing of His provision has made it possible for me to live comfortably, to live with extra blessing each month. In short, I am no longer in want or in need of provision. The Lord has blessed my path, prospered my way, and He has given me a future filled with hope and expectation. I am highly favored and well blessed.

I was sharing my story the other day with a peer when I realized that I have been given the greatest blessing possible. You see, before my life imploded, and I found myself without an identity, without a sense of self or purpose, I lived with no hope. I had no hope. My daily life was filled with constant strife, pain, and sorrow. Furthermore, there was sin rampant in my home, and I was the recipient of my enemies constant oppression. I struggled to keep my head above the water, and between my home life and my extended family and their drama, I found it very hard to have any peace. There was no calm in my life, no peace, no stillness. I was alone in a world of chaos, and I was hopelessly living a futile existence.

Then through a stripping away of everything I had known previously, the Lord tore down the foundation that had been laid upon Him, and in its place, He rebuilt the house in which I was to live. In doing so, my heart, my mind, and my body were reconstructed. As I came to learn that my life was to built on His foundation only, I came to this wonderful place of peace, joy, and contentment. I came to understand that in all things my life was no longer my own. My life, the work I do, and the outcomes I am to produce, in every way — I now know that everything I have or cultivate belongs to the Lord. I am His witness, His testimony, and through His grace and with His power and authority, I do the work He sets before me. I am being poured out as a blessing over the lives of others. I am being used as a tool in His tool belt, and I am part of the solution to the problem facing this world. I am here to be His hands and His feet — to go and to do — His work so that His name is praised. I live to worship my Lord, my Savior and my King!
In Closing

I am ready today to move forward with the plans the Lord has for my life. I am ready to tackle the next big task He asks of me. In all ways, I will rest in Him, in His way, and through His provision, I will achieve what He intends for me to achieve. Selah!

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