June 23, 2017

Friday or FRI-YAY!

It is a good day in sunny and hot, Phoenix. Yes, it is set to be another HOT day in the Valley of the Sun. I am getting used to the triple digits, but part of me still hopes for some break from the monotony of the “same old, same old” thing. I checked the weather report for day, and the forecast calls for sun (no surprise there) and 112 degree heat. Yes, it is summer in Phoenix!

Summer Days and Summer Plans

Summer days like we have in June call for smart planning. It is impossible to spend the day outdoors, so instead, options for work indoors take preeminence. For me, that includes teaching summer school online, but also it includes some work around the inside of the house. Yesterday, for example, I finally made the decision to do something about the fish tank in my room. The tank has been 3/4 full for over a month now, and it has remained empty since my fish, Lenny, passed away back in early March. For a time, I thought I might want to get another fish, but with my schedule and such, I decided that it was best to forgo fish and let the tank be used by someone else who really loves fish or has a need for a good 20 gallon tank to house reptiles.

So with this plan in mind, yesterday, I did the deed. I emptied the 20 gallon tank and took it outside to dry. I still need to clean it, but I intend to offer it for sale to anyone who might want it. The process of cleaning out the tank took less time than I had thought, but the benefit of doing it yesterday meant that I had the opportunity to reorganize my room a bit. I took some photos of my room after cleaning, and I have to say that I really like to “look.” I still want to change a few things around, but for now, I am happy with what I have done to make my room feel a bit more “Shabby” and a bit more like me (or my style).

One of the things I would like to do today (if I can) is find a piece of metal art to go above my bed. I was looking online at Kirklands, and I found this really cute scroll work piece for $15.

I need to go over to the store to see if they have it in stock. If not, I can order it online and have it shipped to the store for free. I think the scroll work will look better on my wall than the country folk art print that is there now.

Another item that I need to buy is a small mirror to go in the space between the lamp and the end of the bed frame. Now that the fish tank is gone, this space looks empty. I thought about putting up a picture, but I think a square or round mirror will look nicer. I found this little round scalloped mirror at Target for $15. I think it is a bargain and it will look great in this spot.

I am also thinking of spray painting my headboard white. I’ve vacillated about whether to paint it black or white for 6-7 months, but now that I am sort of going all “Shabby” in my room, I think white suits my style best. My Dad said he would help me, but the heat is pretty intolerable, so I think painting the headboard will have to wait until fall. I could just buy a new headboard, but I kind of like this one. It is just this weird green color — sort of a light sage green. I really would prefer it to be either white or black.

I’ve blogged about how I am running out of book space for a while now, and the small shelf unit I bought to hold the tank never really was used for anything other than storage. I am trying to figure out how I can get another bookcase in my room without giving up my bed or dresser or desk, but so far, I am stuck. I pretty much just cram my books into the case as I can, which is not a pretty look. One area I have considered repurposing is the area where the cat condo sits. My cats don’t use this condo at all, except to get cat toys (I tossed them on the floor for the photo). 

I have about 40 inches between the book case and my file cabinet/printer (not shown). I’ve thought about getting one of those cheapy book/cubby units at Walmart. I thought I could turn it on its side and then create a book space as well as a kitty window seat.

Now, though, I have turned it into a display place and bookshelf/unit, which means that my desk has miraculously gone from cluttered to cleared (yay!) 

Today, my task is to clean out my buffet. I use my buffet as a catch-all for books and papers, and every so often it gets stuffed to the point where it is overflowing. I have wanted to declutter it as well, so the plan is to work on the buffet later this afternoon.

Theology and Bible books are on the first shelf behind the glass

The drawers and doors are crammed with storage and paper

In all, I am feeling good about my space again. I am feeling like there might be a way to make my small room more appealing, and while I cannot move to my own place just yet, I can start to plan some small changes in preparation for that move.

One of the areas I think I will work on next, after the buffet that is, is the bathroom. My bathroom is used by me and my son, and it is beige and blue and sort of a “Beach” feel. I never really decorated it when we moved in because I didn’t have the time to do it. I used my Mom’s decor from her old house, and simply bought a blue/green shower curtain to pull everything together. I like blue, mind you; but I really prefer my Shabby Chic look in beige, cream, and white better. I am thinking the easiest fix is to change the shower curtain (for white), purchase a new beige rug, and then pick up a few new white towels to go with all the gold, beige, and brown towels I have now. Then, I will add some shabby decor, and presto! My bathroom will look more like my room in an instant.

After the bathroom is redecorated, I plan to focus on the hall closet that sits right outside my bedroom door. It is jammed as well, and the space is really not very functional. I need to clean it out, toss out all the old towels and linens and then use some plastic bins to sort and organize some of the items that are stored in there so that I can use them as needed. Right now, I have to dig around and often I don’t even know if what I want is in the closet or not.

Making New Plans

I guess you can say that I am trying my best to make the “most” of my current living situation. I am trying to make my style come about despite the fact that I live with my parents in a home we both rent. I am trying to make my home look more like me and less like my Mom. Although, I love my Mom and her style has always been traditional, I simply prefer something different, and now after living together for 4 years, I am really feeling the desire to make a home “nest” again. I want to have a place that is mine, reflects my style, and feels “good to me.” I hope that doesn’t sound crazy, but I have this desire to “nest,” and no, I am not pregnant or thinking about marriage or a major lifestyle change. I think I am just ready to set down roots, dig in, and make a life for myself. And, making a life means to me, making my style, embracing my style, and making my home reflect me and my identity. It is what I desire now that I am almost 55 years old, and while I am content to remain as I am, sharing this home with my parents and son, I feel that the time has come for me to step out and be my own person. I am ready to be ME.

The plans the Lord has for my life include, I believe, a place of my own. I believe this is right and proper, and since I am now a professor and capable of earning a decent living wage, I feel that I am ready to act and live like a grown up acts and lives. Mind you, I do live this way now, but I really want my own space, and in that desire comes freedom to do as I please (within the Lord’s will, of course). I really want to have my own place, with my own things, and designed and styled to suit my preferences.

I know that I must wait for this to be. I cannot have what I want now. I have to be patient, and in time, I will have what I want. I will be able to have all the things I desire, and to design and decorate once I am on my own. Until then, I simply can dream and envision, and yes, design a little bit here and there, as the Lord provides and wills it to be so. He knows my needs. He knows me best, and He knows that there are times when I do feel really constrained to remain in my very small space. I know also that my son feels this way too. He feels cramped in his small room, and since we both intend to work from home, to have studio and office space, we really need a house that is designed to function in this way. We cannot do proper business from a bedroom that is shared sleep and work space. No, we need enough room to spread out, to have sleeping space for relaxing and retreating after a long day, and functional office/studio space where we both can be creative, inventive, and yes, do research and study.

My parents do not understand this as a need. They simply see life through old-fashioned 9-5 eyes. My Dad thinks we spend too much time in our rooms, but that is because he sees work as something to you do outside the home. Work at home is for hobbies, for play, for enjoyment — it is not for income or a profession. But, in 2017, work from home is a viable way to earn a living, and since I teach from home and my son intends to compose and record music from home, well this then is our life. Our needs are shifting now to compensate for those needs.

In time, the Lord will provide — of this I am sure. My hope today is for some movement forward in the Lord’s plan for my life. I am waiting for my transcript to post, and then I feel confident that the Lord will show me that full-time job. I believe everything hinges on my degree posting, and until it does, I am stuck in “status quo” mode. I will wait, Lord. I will be patient. I will endure until the time comes when you release me to go forward, to embrace the life you have called me to live.

In Closing

As I close this blog post today, I remember that nothing will happen outside the Lord’s will for my life. Nothing will change until He says “change.” Until then, I look up. I rest in His timing, and I wait for His word to go, to stay, to change, to move. He is the author and finisher of my faith, and He has a great plan in store for me. I must heed His timing, His direction, and above all, His counsel. I must listen, abide, and heed — obey — and in this way, His work, His will, and His way will come to pass in and through my life. It is so. So be it, Lord. Amen.

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