June 14, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

It is hump day. Just another Wednesday. But this week, I am in Bluffton visiting family and taking care of memorial needs. My parents and I have enjoyed our visit to the green and humid farm land of Indiana, and we are blessed to be spending quality time with my Dad's sisters, who are both in the mid-late 80s. The weather is lovely! Absolutely lovely. It is mild, despite being hot for Indianans. I hear them complain about the heat (in the mid-upper 80s) and the humidity (40%), but I am loving the change of weather. Today we have rain -- nice summer rain. It is cloudy, overcast, and at times partly sunny, but overall the temperature is about perfect for summer, in my view. Yes, it is sticky. I notice is a lot when I come in the hotel room. The AC is doing its job, but there is just this moistness in the air. The good news is that my sinuses are perfectly happy in the warm moist air. Whoda' thunk it?

I am feeling good about our visit. My Mom is ready to go home, and she is having trouble remembering details. Her routine is upset, and she misses home. My Dad is having a good time, enjoying the countryside, and I think he likes it that I am driving them all around the place. I am happy to do it. It gives me something to do, and I like having my hands busy.

In all, I do think our trip has been successful. My Dad got his monument ordered (almost), the plot details at the old Emmanuel Reformed Cemetery are settled. Really, he has had his wish fulfilled. He is visiting with his older sister now, and tomorrow we head to Berne to visit with his middle sister. It should be a good day. I am taking pictures, enjoying the countryside, the farmland, and the small towns. Really, I was meant to live in a small midwestern town. I mean it. This is my life. I would have no problems driving to 100W or 1000S and finding my way back home. I love scanning the horizon for barns and trucks, looking out for the all-way stops, and making lots of Y-turns when I miss the crossroad. I get passed on the road for driving too slowly, LOL, but I don't mind. I don't know where I am going so the locals are free to zoom on by me. Most are nice, they don't honk, they just pull around you once the tractors have cleared the way. Most tractors and farm equipment pull over for you, which its really nice since they cover the entire road. The saddest part in all this trip is seeing all the missing barns and houses sitting idle in fields. So many old people have passed, and their children have left the farm houses pass as well. It is too bad.

I am loving this change, and I thank God for the blessed provision in order to come and do this for my Dad. I am loving the visit, and I am enjoying the company. It has been a good thing, a really, really good thing.

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