June 13, 2017

Hello from Hoosier Town!

Happy Tuesday! It is a lovely day in Bluffton, Indiana. We arrived safely yesterday after a very long and tiring trip. We made it, however, and we enjoyed the process. Everyone was extra nice to us, and even during our flying time, the folks at AA were beyond helpful. Our hotel is modest, but nice. We have comfortable rooms, and with the lovely view out our window, it is such a refreshing change from the desert landscape of home. I have to say that I am longing for the Midwest right about now. The weather outside is about 87 with some humidity (58%). We have a chance of storms this afternoon, but hopefully not before we meet with the cemetery person over at Emmanuel Church near my Dad's old farm. We are set to meet with him around 2, and then afterward, we have dinner plans to meet with the cousins who are available to visit with us today. In all, it should be a good day.

Enjoying the Change

I woke up early this morning. I had planned to sleep in, but Dad and Mom wanted to have an early breakfast, so I set my alarm for 7 am. I didn't sleep well last night, and with the time change, I didn't fall asleep until nearly 1 am. I got up around 7:45 nonetheless, showered, dressed and headed down for breakfast. I ended up with a small danish and a cup of coffee. I should have eaten more, but there wasn't any place to sit, so I took what I could and came back to my room.

After our breakfast, we took my Dad's jacket to the dry cleaners in town. He got grease on it somehow, so we wanted to see if we could get it cleaned while we were here. We took a nice sightseeing drive through Bluffton, ending up near the Wabash River, before heading back to our rooms. Now, we are in for a short rest before we go to lunch and over the cemetery.

Bluffton is a really nice little town. I say little, only in the fact that it is much smaller than Phoenix. It is actually a fair good sized town as Midwestern towns go. The population in 2010 was right around 9800. I am sure it has grown some since, but it is still somewhat of a small farm town.

The Wabash river runs through town, and as rivers go, it is one of the loveliest I've seen in a long time. We drove along the river for a while this morning, and I stopped to snap a couple of pics for my photo journal. The river is really green today, which even my Dad said seemed unusual. It was such a nice change of scenery for me. I mean, I am loving all the grass, trees, ponds, and beautiful country/farm land.

I looked at moving to Bluffton a couple years ago. I thought my Dad might want to return here, and well, I was on the right track, at the least in the sentiment. Bluffton, as I said, is a small town. It is a bit depressed here economically speaking, and the downtown, which has such a wonderful set of brick buildings and old shops, is well-cared for but lacking businesses to return it to vibrancy. The main street houses are those wonderful old Victorian and Georgian period homes. Many have been restored, and many are B&B's. Mixed in are old tenement style homes or worker homes, often build quickly to offer affordable company housing to workers along the rail depot. The industry here is mostly commercial and retail, so there isn't much infrastructure. However, the roads are in good shape, and the municipality  seems to be hard at work keeping the community safe.

Our drive down Main Street made me want to revisit the idea of moving to a Midwestern city again. I am so in love with Victorian and Georgian homes. I just long to live in such a place. For example, almost every home lining Main Street in Bluffton looks like this one. Some have 3-stories and some have gabled roofs and turrets. The whole of the center of town looks like your typical Midwestern city circa 1900.

There is just something wonderful about small town living. I know, I know! There are so many issues with small town living as well. Yes, I get the fact that everyone knows everyone, and that there isn't much to do in a small town. Still, the quaintness and charm exceed some of these lesser things. I guess I am just an old-fashioned Midwestern girl (sigh!)

Thinking More and More

It has been nice to be away from my normal routine. I feel rested, despite the jet lag. I am thinking more and more about what I want from life, and how what I want links or works with what the Lord wants for my life. I am open to His will, of course, and I want only His will. Still, there is a part of me that longs for something different than what I have presently. I am content, mind you. I mean, I feel really content. I am happy to stay in Phoenix, but there is part of me that really would like to "try" living some place else. I guess I am ready to move now whereas before I simply worried about moving and the logistics of moving. I feel far more able, settled, and yes, contented with the idea of moving to another city -- not for work -- but for pleasure. I feel good about choosing a place -- a pin on the map -- and moving there to experience life in a new way, with new people, with new things. In many ways, the thought excites me, interests me, and makes me feel an eagerness to go and do and try new things.

I guess you could say that I have been stuck in this one way of thinking for so long that I simply feel it is time for a change. Perhaps this is the Lord's will for me. Perhaps it is my will. I don't know.What I do know, however, is that I am open to going now, more than before, and with that thought, I feel confident that should the Lord choose to move me, I would have no reason to hesitate as I once did. I would be "Okay" with going to live in another city, town or state. I would be "Okay" with the starting over experience.

I have to say that prior to this trip, really; I wasn't ready to move at all. The Lord would ask me "Will you go?" and I would always answer, "Yes!" However, I wasn't really 100% sure that I would go when the door opened. I mean, I wanted to go. I thought I could go, but I didn't think I was really ready to go. Now, I feel differently about the moving process. I think I have come to terms with the idea of moving -- not for work -- but for pleasure, and that thought intrigues me. I am actually thinking of moving now simply to live in another place. It is a good feeling, liberating, wonderful, and oh so, freeing. Of course, the Lord must will it to be so, and He must provide, so I am content to stay put, to remain as He has said. I am just more open and willing now than before, and that is such a good thing, in my view.

God is good to me. He has made a way for me to enjoy this week in Indiana. I need this week! I needed a vacation that didn't center on school, work, or my needs.This week, I am here for my Dad. This week, I am doing odd work -- weird, sad, and depressing -- work. I am taking my Dad to make arrangements for their (my parents) rest in the old family cemetery. It is weird, it is odd, and yes, it is sad and depressing. But, it is also a blessing, and I am glad we are together this week doing this weird, odd, sad, and depressing work. God is good.

As I close this blog post, I think about the fact that God has blessed me financially in order to do this trip. I can afford it, praise God. I can enjoy it, thank you, Jesus! In all things, God has made this way possible, and I intend to enjoy every moment of my visit.

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