June 15, 2017

Thankful Thursday!

It is a lovely Thursday in Bluffton, Indiana. I am getting to like this "slow and easy" lifestyle. I have to admit that it is really nice to slow down and enjoy life every single day. I am sure most people would think that this type of living is boring, and they wouldn't particularly like having little to do each day. I have to say that it has been such a nice change from my normal routine. I love the fact that everything here just moves at 30 rather than 90 miles per hour. Phoenix, by contrast, runs lightening fast, and the hub bub of the city makes everyone rush around as though they are running out of time. I think there is such to be had by slowing down, enjoying the scenery, and simply finding pleasure in the flowers, the trees, and the beauty of God's nature.

I am finally sleeping well, which is a blessing to me. I have had trouble with jet lag since landing on Monday, and even with the time change, I didn't find falling to sleep easy. I am still sort of hungover from the time difference, but last night I actually slept through the entire night. Of course,  my Mom's knocking on my door at 6:45 was not really welcome, but hey, they were up and they wanted to tell me they were heading down to breakfast. Sigh!

I am having a good time "visiting" with the old folks. I didn't think I would, but really, it has been nice and enjoyable. I am having a really good time just chatting and listening to the stories about life in the 40s-50s in Indiana. It has been a good reminder to me to savor life, to enjoy friends and family, and to take time to remain connected. Community is everything, and biblically speaking, fellowship and community are God's design for His family. It is very easy to lose perspective and to live in isolation simply because we are "connected virtually" to one another. There is a big difference between hanging out online and hanging out in person. Laughter and facial gestures are so important to help convey meaning, and there is just something about sitting next to another person and enjoying their company.

My prayer today is that we enjoy our visit with my Aunt who is living in an assisted living place in Berne. It will be a lovely drive over (about 30 minutes), and I know my Dad is looking forward to seeing her (perhaps for the last time). I simply am glad to have been their chauffeur this week. I think it was a good thing for me to do, and I like the fact that I get to learn my way around. I am finally mapping Bluffton in my head, so that is helping me navigate better.

In all, this week has been fun. I am glad we came, but I am ready to head back to my home in Phoenix. I checked the weather today and it looks like we are returning right at the moment when we will get summer highs near 120. Yuck! I woke up this morning and noticed that everything here is clammy. My sponge that I use for my makeup was wet today. Normally it is dry, so the humidity in the air really keeps everything moist. My allergies are happy, for sure, but I miss the dryness. I miss the dry heat, as they say.

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