August 7, 2017

Monday, Monday!

It is a good Monday here in sunny and warm, Phoenix. The skies are clear and that means that our daytime highs will be back into the low 100s today. The humidity is still running higher than normal, but we are in the monsoon season, so that is to be expected. It is a good day, though, and hopefully, today will be the day we hear news about my son's new vehicle.

It is late morning right now, and I haven't heard anything back from the broker or dealer regarding the vehicle we asked about on Friday. The dealer was working on a trade (from another location), and they were closed on Sunday. Our expectations are high that sometime today we will hear back that they located the car and that they are willing to do the trade for it. If not, then our search will begin again, and well, that is just what goes on when you are leasing a vehicle rather than purchasing one.

I am confident that we will hear some news soon. We have the entire week to get this thing sorted, and praise God, I am sure we will hear back affirmatively soon. Until then, it is just business as usual here in Phoenix. Yes, we are in summer wind down / fall prep mode here in sunny and humid, Phoenix!
Getting Ready

It is August 7, and that means that I have two more weeks until school begins again. I just received contracts for ASU, which tells me that I am no longer a candidate for the full-time position. I am not bummed or anything. More so, I am really relieved because now I know what the plans are for my fall semester. I will be busy with my contracts at ASU, Regent, and GCU, and well, I am well-set, good, and fully satisfied with the outcome. The Lord has provided well for me, and should Grantham get on the stick and call me, all the merrier, I say. In fact, I checked with Central Texas College, and my application for that online position is still under review. Who knows! Perhaps I will end up with contracts for their program as well.  In truth, I have said to the Lord that I would teach as many classes as He would offer to me. If I teach 5, 6, 7 or more, He will sustain me. I am free. I mean, I have no obligations for anything other than teaching, so right now, I am willing and able to teach as many classes as possible. I know He has my limits in mind, but I am happy to earn as much income as possible simply to help settle my debts. I want to be debt free by January, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there (Lord, willing). He is good to me. He knows me well, and praise God, He has me so well-covered.

As I consider my schedule for fall, right now I am set for on-campus and online. I will be at GCU three days a week (MWF) from 12:30-4:30. I will be online for two classes during the first 8 weeks of the semester and three classes the second 8 weeks. My workload right now is about as it was last year, with the exception that I was also working on my dissertation research. Really, 5-6 classes is a piece of cake for me. I think I could easily teach 7-8, so long as they were online.

My week ahead looks low-key for now. My plan is to get my lessons organized and perhaps even create some new lesson plans so that I can be super managed in my time. I feel good about what I have completed thus far, but I want to make my on-campus courses better. My goal thus is to review what I have, to reorganize all my materials, and get my self-settled so I am ready to go come August 28 (at GCU). My online courses are simply a repeat, but I want to improve these as well. I hope to make some short intro videos and commentary videos to help my students succeed in their assignments.

In all, I guess you could say that I feel well today. I am still battling some issues with my tummy, but overall, I am in this good place now. I have a line on a vehicle for my son. I have my contracts set for fall, and really, other than dealing with the leftover issues related to prep and planning, I am set. I am set. I am so well set.

Moving On

The Lord has provided abundantly for me today. In fact, I am well-covered financially. I feel confident going into this semester that my bills are, once again, accounted for and that I will be able to meet my monthly obligations without fear or worry. More so, as I look forward to the spring, I can see opportunity on the horizon. I am in this very good place, and with His provision, I feel confident that I am ready to move whenever He is ready to move me.

In fact, I believe that the reason why I have received these part-time contracts for a fifth year is simplt to make it really easy for me to move. I mean, had I been employed full-time, even online, I had no understanding of if I could move out of state. I would have felt obligated to the school, but now, while I appreciate their gracious gift of teaching contracts, I realize that I am contracted -- semester by semester -- as needed. They decide if they need me, and I decide if the school is a good fit for my experience and my requirements. It all works out well. I am not tied to school activities. I am not tied to other commitments. I can come and go as I please and as the Lord leads, guides, and provides for me. I don't have to feel threatened or uncertain. I can remain faithful, in hope and with great expectation, for the Lord's merciful hand and blessed grace to fall over my life. I am indebted to Him, and He is my King.

Moreover, I rely on Him completely this way. I am in full dependency on His provision, and with my reliance settled, I know that what He asks me to do is over and above my own abilities. I can only imagine doing His work, but with His help, I actually am able to do it. He is good to me. He is so very good to me.

So this day, as I close this blog post, I lift up a sacrifice of praise to God for His perfect provision. I am good. I am so good, and He has blessed me beyond my imagination. He is amazing, and I bow before Him this good day, and I lift my voice to adore and to worship His majesty! Selah! So be it! Thy will be done! Amen!

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